White privilege is your history being taught as a core class and mine being taught as an elective. 

please let them know.


As a socially responsible scientist I hereby undertake:

1. Not to use my scientific knowledge or status to promote practices which I consider dangerous.

2. Not to conceal from the public any information about the general nature of my research and about the dangerous uses to which it might be put.

3. Not to conceal from the public any information about the real identity — and degree of public accountability — of those who finance or control my research.

4. To explain to the public the general nature and possible uses of research conducted by private or State bodies over which there is little or no public control.

5. To warn the public about such organisations that conceal information about the possible dangerous outcome or uses of their research.

I consider it my duty, as a socially responsible scientist, to honour this pledge, whatever the personal inconvenience or risk involved.

“Student loans are just taxes for those not born rich and dare to get an education.”

Juden Chino

One in Five People Can’t Repay Their Federal Student Loans

Shit is real son.

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America, the land of “screw you, you’re poor.” Healthcare? Nope. Education? Nope. Living wages? Nope. Screw you, you’re poor, all day, every day, without end, amen.

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The south African country of Botswana, consisting primarily of the Kalahari Desert, uses the pula, which means “rain,” as their currency.

Handy Geography Answer Book by Paul A. Tucci, 2009.


Mike Prysner, iraq war veteran and anti-war activist.


a lotta boys need to learn this lesson harder. listen to the man, dude.

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Calling Cards

Not gonna lie, this type of 19th Century flirting is turning me on.

….Or you could just give me your phone number

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Loteria contra la violencia hacia las mujeres.

Por Karenina, Sofia y Dahlia. 

Poderosas, todas!